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Quiz1 - 4 According to Chambliss setting long-term goals is...

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Understanding Societies, Spring 2009 QUIZ #1 January 14, 2009 1. In introducing the sociological perspective in Second Thoughts , Ruane and Cerulo move beyond the personal to demonstrate a broader social vision of: A. Rape B. Obesity C. Poverty D. Prejudice 2. Mills also offered an example when demonstrating the sociological imagination. Which of the following did he use? 3. According to Chambliss, excellence in athletics best reflects:
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Unformatted text preview: 4. According to Chambliss, setting long-term goals is key to dramatic success like winning the Olympics. A. True B. False. Chambliss found that setting short-term goals, or working on minor skills in a daily routine, leads to superior performance in competitive sports. 5. Both books offer resources to help students better understand the concepts in the readings and to help them apply the ideas in their own lives. A. True B. False C. Only Second Thoughts (Ruane and Cerulo) does D. Only Sociology: Exploring the Architecture of Everyday Life (Newman and OBrien) does...
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