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Quiz10 - How likely is that you would be here you are today...

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Understanding Societies, Spring 2009 QUIZ #10 February 19, 2009 1. How many think papers have you completed? (No correct answer) 2. What is your favorite of the readings for today (No correct answer). 3. What social class do you think you are in? (No correct answer) 4. What is the estimated income of your family (No correct answer) 5.
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Unformatted text preview: How likely is that you would be here you are today had you been raised in a situation similar to either Tammy or her two sons (the working poor)? (No correct answer) A. Very likely B. Somewhat likely C. Somewhat unlikely D. Very unlikely All students who were in class and answered all 5 questions got full credit (5 pts)....
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