Quiz18 - skilled occupations actually represents more than 50 of adult workers A True – yes it is about 65 of the U.S population B False 4

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Understanding Societies, Spring 2009 QUIZ #18 March 26, 2009 1. When the Census releases its annual report on poverty and the media argues over the validity of the numbers, this contributes to what message? A. The poor are faceless -- by reducing people to numbers, it is easier to ignore them and their lived experiences B. The poor are undeserving. C. The poor only have themselves to blame. 2. Media magic convinces us to fear, more than anything else, being victimized by those _______ affluent than us. A. More B. Less 3. The working class (if considered to be those in manual, supervised, unskilled, and semi-
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Unformatted text preview: skilled occupations) actually represents more than 50% of adult workers. A. True – yes, it is about 65% of the U.S. population B. False 4. “Doing Studs” documents how which of the following is “performed” on the dating show: A. Class B. Sexuality C. Gender D. Race E. All of the above 5. According to Hollander, women on the show should: A. Emphasize virtue B. Emphasize sexuality C. Balance virtue and sexuality 6. What is your home ZIP? (Not a graded question.)...
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