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CHEM 1000 - General Chemistry I Practice Questions (Olmsted, Canadian edition)
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It is **STRONGLY RECOMMENDED** that you do practice questions from the text. These questions serve to reinforce concepts learned in lecture and from reading the text. They also show how those concepts can be applied to problems. As such, they will help to prepare you for the in-class tests and final exam. We have also posted instructor-written practice problems. The questions in these problem sets will often combine material from different chapters along with material from the lecture notes. Please recognize that you will be expected to answer similar questions on the in-class tests and final exam. It ***BEST BY FAR*** to attempt each question BEFORE looking at the answers. This will help you learn to think like a chemist. Every question seems easier if you look at the answer first (so you get a distorted view of how well you understand the
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Unformatted text preview: material). Students wishing to use the text from two years ago (Petrucci, 9th edition) can find recommended readings and practice problems HERE . Problem Set 0a: Math Review, Units and Significant Figures and Answers (PDF) Problem Set 0b: Stoichiometry Review and Answers (PDF) Problem Set 1: Atoms, Isotopes and Light and Answers (PDF) Problem Set 2: Orbitals and Electrons and Answers (PDF) Problem Set 3: Group 1 Metals and Metal Lattices and Answers (PDF) Problem Set 4: Ionic Compounds and Groups 2 and 13 and Answers (PDF) Problem Set 5: Lewis Structures and VSEPR and Answers (PDF) Problem Set 6: Nonmetals, Acids and Oxidation States and Answers (PDF) Problem Set 7: Colour and Co-ordination Chemistry and Answers (PDF) Problem Set 8: Nuclear Chemistry and Answers (PDF) Return to Home Page...
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practice_questions_olmsted-1 - material). Students wishing...

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