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Chemistry 2000B Spring 2002 Assignment 4 Due: Thursday, March 21, noon Most of the questions in this assignment will require data from the textbook. I will not tell you where to look. Think of it as a scavenger hunt. Unless otherwise stated, assume that the tempera- ture is 25 C. 1. How much heat would it take to completely convert 28.53 g of solid mercury at its melting point to mercury vapor at 500 C? The specific heat capacity of the vapor is 20 77JK 1 mol 1 . [10 marks] 2. Explain how changing the p H can affect the solubility of aluminium phosphate. [5 marks] 3. Calculate the solubility of gold (III) iodide in water. Report your answer in g/L. [8 marks] 4. The solubility of calcium acetate is 374 g/L at 0 C. (a) Calculate the solubility product of calcium acetate at this temperature. [6 marks] (b) Explain, based on your calculation, why we would not normally have much use for the solubility product of calcium acetate. [2 marks] 5. At high concentrations, fluoride is toxic.
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Unformatted text preview: Suppose that you are given 50 L of a solution containing fluoride ions at a concentration of 0.025 mol/L and are told to reduce the concen-tration to 1 μ mol L, a level which is considered safe for drinking, and thus for disposal by pouring into a drain. You decide to do this by dissolving calcium nitrate into the solution since (a) calcium ions are mostly harmless, and (b) calcium fluoride is insoluble. The calcium fluoride can be removed by filtration and disposed of as solid waste, which is much cheaper than trying to dispose of a large volume of liquid waste. What mass of calcium nitrate will you need to add to the 50 L of solution? [10 marks] 6. If you extracted all the oxygen from 1 L of water which is in equilibrium with the atmosphere at sea level and stored this oxygen in gaseous form in an (initially empty) 1 L container, what pressure would it exert at 25 C? [7 marks]...
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