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Chemistry 2000B Spring 2002 Assignment 5 Due: Thursday, April 4, noon As in the last assignment, you will need to look up several pieces of data in your textbook. 1. (a) How much heat is liberated when 1.0043 g of benzoic acid (C 6 H 5 COOH) burns in an excess of oxygen at constant pressure? The enthalpy of formation of benzoic acid is 384 8kJ mol. Assume that the water produced is in the liquid state. [7 marks] (b) Suppose that you measured the heat of combustion in a bomb calorimeter. Would you get the same value as above? Why or why not? [2 marks] 2. After arriving at home on a hot summer day, you realize that none of your ginger ale is in the refrigerator. The temperature in your apartment is 30 C. You pour 300 mL of ginger ale into a glass with a heat capacity of 94 J/K. 1 You decide to add exactly the right amount of ice to bring the temperature of your drink down to 4 C which, as we all know, is the perfect temperature for a cold drink on a hot day. The ice in your refrigerator is at a temperature of
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