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Next: Useful data Up: Back to the Chemistry 2000 test index Chemistry 2000, Fall 96, Test 3 Answer any five questions. 1. The solubility product of nickel (II) sulfide (NiS) at is and its molar mass is 90.76g/mol. What is the solubility of nickel sulfide in g/L? 2. At 298K, the pH of a saturated solution of copper (II) hydroxide ( ) is 7.5. What is ? 3. A 310g piece of iron (specific heat capacity ) is packed in ice at . When equilibrium is reached (i.e. when the temperature of the iron is equal to the temperature of the ice),
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Unformatted text preview: 15g of ice have melted. What was the initial temperature of the iron? The heat of melting of ice is 6.01kJ/mol and the molar mass of water is 18.02g/mol. 4. For the reaction at 298K. What is the standard free energy of formation of ? 1. Calculate at 298K for the reaction 2. Calculate at 350K for the same reaction. 5. In a solution containing 0.4mol/L of , 0.3mol/L of , 0.03mol/L of and of at 298K, is the reaction spontaneous? Marc Roussel Thu Nov 21 13:41:19 MST 1996...
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