test_taking - Test-taking strategies Marc R Roussel...

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Unformatted text preview: Test-taking strategies Marc R. Roussel Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry University of Lethbridge January 25, 2011 Taking tests is not a natural thing for most of us. It’s something we learn to do. This note suggests some strategies that should help you do as well as you can on your tests. 1 Before the test • This may seem obvious, but sometimes people forget this: Study what you don’t know. Studying things you already understand feels good, and you may pick up a detail or two that might help you on the test, but you are likely to pick up more marks if you focus your studying on things you haven’t mastered yet. • If possible, look at previous years’ tests by the same instructor . Most instructors have a well-defined test-writing style. Looking at their past tests will give you an idea of the format to expect, types of questions asked, etc. • Are you allowed to bring any resources into the test (formula sheet, textbook, etc.)? If so, spend some time organizing this material. If you’re allowed to bring a formula sheet, make sure it’s well organized and contains only the things you are likely to need since a cluttered...
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test_taking - Test-taking strategies Marc R Roussel...

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