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Solutions: We need to educate everyone about why sea otters are important and enlighten them as to why they are a keystone species. This is extremely important because when people are educated they will make more educated decisions and these decisions could lead to better legislation, less fisherman killing them when they see them and many other things. With this education and knowledge about the sea otter crisis we can make more informed arguments to present to our legislators and with more coherent arguments comes swifter action. Otters are a keystone species, they are important. Regardless of what people say or think, otters are important. It is not enough for us to say we agree or that we like otter conservation we
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Unformatted text preview: must act! Contact your representatives, inform your family members, tell your friends. It is true that this problem is not life threatening to humans. However, it does threaten life. What separates humans from everything else is our ability to feel compassion. Not just for the sea otters or the kelp beds but also for the places and people who will be affected by a degrading ecosystem. Places like Ventura and Monterrey Bay. It does not matter if you educate or legislate; you must do something, for the greatest hazard in life is doing nothing!...
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