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People’s Century: People Power Video is probably the most influential artistic medium in the history of the world. Video goes beyond paint, literature and music in its ability to transmit emotion and ideals throughout generations. When you combine video with an ideal such as communism you’re bound to get emotional interviews and sights. This is exactly what happens in People’s Century: People Power. One of the most intriguing aspects of the 20 th century is the fall of communism in eastern Europe. This is an interesting period of history because of the mixed feelings of Russian Citizens. Some were for communism and others were against it. However, even the people who were for Communism had to concede to the fact that some aspects of soviet life were substandard. For instance, as is stated in the film, many people had to wait for hours just to get
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Unformatted text preview: bread at the market. This is because of Communism’s philosophy, the equal sharing of everything including famine and hardships. Even though capitalism has many faults including having poor and rich classes people like to have some control over their own lives regardless if this is financial control or social control. The interview Barbel Reinke was a great interview to watch for numerous reasons. She states in her interview that many people never thought the wall would fall and all the demonstrators and protesters wanted was to reform the Party. However, they may not have been trying to bring down the wall nor were they trying to get their freedom but the time came on November 9 th and they seized the opportunity to gain their freedom and that’s all they could ask for. Overall this was a great People’s Century to watch....
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