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Peoples CenturyTotalWar - entire war Even today the...

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James Francis People’s Century: Total War As a self-proclaimed World War Two “Buff” I found this film absolutely intriguing. I love learning about WWII because it is completely different than any other war ever fought on earth. There was combat in more theaters, there were more soldiers in each theater, and more importantly the stakes were so much higher. This film’s main thesis is that because the stakes were so much higher, atrocities were carried out in a larger scale by every power that was involved with the war. The film gives us examples of these atrocities, it tells us about the fire-bombing of Hamburg, in which temperatures reached 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit and 42,000 people died. I spent three months in Germany this last summer and had the pleasure to visit the city of Dresden which was the target of one of the most prolific fire-bombings in the
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Unformatted text preview: entire war. Even today, the buildings are still charred black as a result of the high temperatures experienced during the ensuing fire storm. German Firefighter Hans Brunswig shared a video of the Hamburg firestorm that he caught on tape. It’s absolutely shocking to see the horror that civilians on both sides had to live through. Overall I believe that I liked this film because of the fact that they portray the Germans as something other than evil. This video gives insight into the struggles and hardships of Germany during the Second World War. I have found that most modern World War Two movies tend to show all Germans as being evil, as if they were all Nazis. Which, as we all know most soldiers were not Nazis, and in fact, most disagreed with National Som. This film was by far one of the better War documentaries that I have seen in my life....
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