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James Francis World History 101 Oct. 15 th 2010 People’s Century: Killing Fields One thing that has always caused mayhem and chaos is when old traditions meet new methods. In People’s Century: Killing Fields, this meeting is exactly what the film makers talk about. Historically, World War One was the last war of its kind, it was the last War that people were excited when it started, it was the last war that favored traditional tactics. This war, as the documentary reveals, utilized weapons that kill at greater rates, and kill more efficiently. This war helped shape an entire generation of youth all over the world. In the film they interviewed soldiers from both sides of the war and these soldiers attested to the horrors that they witnessed during the war. After the initial attack by the Germans through the French and Belgian lowlands, the war settled down into a devastating war of attrition. Both sides, each consisting of numerous
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Unformatted text preview: countries, attempted to drain the other of all military power and economic strength. The War continued on like this for many, many months. In the armies there were many mutinies, the French forces mutinied, the Russian’s mutinied and eventually paved the way for the birth of the Soviet Union. This war and its horrors were the worst that any country had experienced to that point and is only surpassed by World War Two and the holocaust. It was this huge war of attrition that paved the way for the ‘Roaring Twenties.’ The 1920’s, all over the world, were a time of liberal advancement at least in social aspects. It’s called the roaring twenties because it was essentially one, huge, decade long party. Much social advancement was beginning to take off, such as women’s suffrage. All of these advancements in society and warfare began after World One ended....
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People'sCenturyKillingFields - countries attempted to drain...

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