A Military Wives Tale

A Military Wives Tale - Francis 1 James Francis Williams...

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Francis 1 James Francis Williams RWS 200 Jan. 25, 2010 A Military Wives Tale “Fort Drum- The Army and the soldiers first choice.” This is the motto of Fort Drum army base in New York. Why is this important? This is where Laura Dempsey lives with her military officer husband, and where she was when she wrote her latest article. Laura Dempsey’s latest article entitled “The Military vs. Wives” was published in the Washington Post February 19, 2008. It is an article that attempts to bring to light the struggles of modern military wives, including the added financial and career stress that is not prevalent in the lives of most civilian wives. To elaborate, she believes that, for one, military wives have to jump more hurdles in order to maintain their professional lives, for example being a teacher or lawyer, then civilian wives do. In this essay I will look at two rhetorical strategies employed by Laura Dempsey, logos appeal and compare/contrast in the article as well as the overall structure of the article itself. In this article, Laura Dempsey uses rhetorical strategies in order to give legitimacy to her article. For instance one of the biggest rhetorical strategies that she uses is the Logos appeal. She is constantly giving statistics and facts to back up her argument for instance, she states “Unemployment among military wives is four times the national average.” (Paragraph 6). This
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A Military Wives Tale - Francis 1 James Francis Williams...

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