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In a world where communication spreads faster than wildfire, it is important to know where this information comes from and what it means. In this internet age we have seen an enormous influx of ideologies and theories that in previous generations were not as prevalent. One of these ideologies is racism. Just like C.P. Ellis, disgruntled people of today seek refuge in groups. They want to know what it feels like to belong to something, and internet forums provide that sense of group belonging. A forum is a form of interactive communication on the internet. Usually, one person will post a subject and then other members of the forum can post responses to the subject. Racist Ideologies are taking advantage of these forums and are using them to post their beliefs on the internet. A good example of a racist forum is a website called “Stormfront.” This website allows all of its members to post comments and passages about their specific belief
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Unformatted text preview: systems. For C.P. Ellis to become a member of the Ku Klux Klan people had to come and talk to him, he had to go through rituals, and it was all time consuming just to feel like he belonged to something. However, with the advent of racist internet forums someone merely has to stumble upon the website and sign up, all of which takes under ten minutes and the person feels like they belong. In the article C.P. Ellis states that he contacted some students and they came down to a Klan meeting. Well, in this internet age C.P. Ellis never would have to do that. He could start a website instead and get ten times as many kids to subscribe to his teachings. However, Keeping true to the story of C.P. Ellis overcoming racism, there are websites such as that try and end racism. RC stands for “re-evaluation counseling,” and their website has posts from people just like C.P. Ellis who have successfully overcome racism and prejudice....
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