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Francis 1 James Francis History 100 Prof. Crawford Mar. 15 th 2010 Article Analysis For my article analysis, I chose an article about something that has always interested me, Mummies. However, I did not read about regular, human mummies, I read about animal mummies in an article entitled “Egypt’s Animal Mummies” by A.R. Williams and published in the 2009 issue of National Geographic. This article attempts to convey the ancient practice of embalming animals to the audience and to inform the audience of why the ancient Egyptians even embalmed animals. In order to convey to the audience the importance of animal mummies the author left no idea or thought untouched. The author looked at the possible geographic reasons for why an ancient culture would want to embalm animals. However, the author also looks at religious, economic and social reasons why the art of embalming would be used not only on humans but also on animals. The author cites geographic reasons and brings up whether or not location along the Nile had anything to do with it. When exploring religious reasons the author looks to see if an explanation could be found by discovering which animals were most sacred to the Egyptians. Furthermore, when the idea that the quantity and quality of these mummified animals is reflected in ones social and economic class the author not only looks at the obvious but attempts to delve deeper into the crazy world of Egyptian animal mummies. In the next paragraph I will analyze the author’s claims and arguments as well as the validity of their statements and we will find out who the author’s audience is.
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article analysis - Francis 1 James Francis History 100...

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