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James Francis Professor Crawford History 100 May 19 th , 2010 Timken Museum My Last and final museum I decided to visit was named the Timken Museum of Art. The Timken Museum of Art is a wonderful little museum in Balboa Park. This museum may be one of the most underrated museums in the park. The greatest thing about this museum is the amount of classic art work that you get to see. They have paintings from American, Dutch and Russian paintings. I didn’t know what to expect, as I have never been in this museums at Balboa park, When I got in, I was taken aback by how much this building could actually hold. As I walked inside, I was greeted by some happy older gentlemen who generously let me travel through the entrance free. As I walked past the entrance gate and into the main Hall of the museum, a large statue of mercury stood in the middle of the room. This statue of Mercury was a cast statue of Giambologna’s famous mercury statue. In the museum there are numerous rooms with different types of artists. For instance there are rooms with American Paintings, Dutch and Flemish artwork, and rooms with Russian religious art. I made my way through all of the rooms and eventually met up with my friend Thomas and we decided to walk through the rest of the Museum together in order to more adequately understand the art. There were many religious paintings that were located in this museum, for instance there were pictures of Madonna,
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Timken Museum - James Francis Professor Crawford History...

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