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James Francis Professor Crawford History May 19 th , 2010 The San Diego History Museum Attending the San Diego History Museum was an incredible experience for me. My entire life I had heard about San Diego history and what has happened here in San Diego but this was truly the first time that I actually got to witness this history and see it for my own eyes. I originally went to this museum because I knew it was small and I figured it would be easier to write on a museum that was about my own history. What I learned however was the fact that your own history can be harder to write than the history of others. As I first entered the museum I saw a large red stage coach. This coach was property of the El Cajon and Lakeside fire department. It was used over a hundred years ago to fight fires in the east county areas. Nowadays it seems kind of dangerous to bring a wooden coach to fight a fire but it’s an absolutely beautifully designed and crafted piece of art. A cool feature of this museum was the way it was laid out so as to not emphasize one era over any others. All of the history in this museum was in chronological order. The museum started out with facts about the Kummeyay Indians and the native inhabitants of this area. After spending quite a bit of time on them it switched focus to the
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San diego history museum - James Francis Professor Crawford...

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