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James Francis The San Diego Museum of Man The San Diego museum of man is a museum located in Balboa Park that is dedicated to the discovery of the heritage of the human species and the spread of the knowledge gained to people all over the world. The Museum of Man has had many temporary exhibits within its walls, when I went the exhibit was about the Aztec people, and all of the central/south American people who lived with and well before the Aztecs. The other exhibits are essentially permanent and they include the Egyptian/mummy exhibit, and the evolution of man exhibit. The day that I went to the museum they had a special event in the dome area of the museum. The special event, and the real reason why I went that day, was a concert by noted Native American Flautist Steven Holmes. Steven Holmes performed his original compositions and played them for the audience on numerous wooden flutes. Steven Holmes is a member of a tribe belonging to the puebloan peoples of the southwestern United States. I also learned why they are called the puebloan people, it is because when the Spanish first encountered them in the 16th century they lived in villages that they Spanish called pueblos which means villages in Spanish. Along with Steven Holmes there was a large showcase of artifacts from the Aztec, Zapotec, and Teotihuacan people. We had talked immensely about the Aztec people this semester in your class however, I had not really heard of the latter two civilizations. I learned in
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Museum of man - James Francis The San Diego Museum of Man...

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