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James Francis 1 James Francis Rws 100 Ferrell 28 September 2009 The Hip-Hop Plan It Have you ever seen a young boy or girl walking down the street with head phones on? They might be moving their head up and down with what seems like a rhythm, but it can only be heard by them. Well, the chances are that they’re listening to hip-hop or rap. In the article "Hip- Hop Planet," published in April of 2007 in National Geographic , James McBride attempts to explain why this genre is taking over the world of music. As a writer whose work has been published in The Washington Post , The New York Times , and The Boston Globe . He wrote this article to inform his audience of older middle class people about the effect that hip-hop and rap are having on the entire world. He writes this article so that older middle class people will understand it, because the majority of National Geographic readers are of this demographic. In writing this article, James McBride wants us to realize where this music began and where it is headed because he feels that hip-hop is the dominant musical genre on earth. Ultimately, James McBride is trying to get his audience to perceive hip-hop as a source of power and energy in today’s musical society and that hip-hop can be construed as a bad thing, but also as a good thing. In this essay concerning hip-hop understanding, I will list and critique the arguments and claims James McBride uses as well as display and explain why he organizes his text the way he does. Throughout the article however, McBride is always touching base with his main claim. McBride’s main claim is that hip-hop was and is an extremely big cultural and social event that
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James Francis 2 has happened in his life. James McBride qualifies this claim by comparing the modern hip-hop movement to the classic jazz movement of the 1930’s. In his article McBride states “Not since the advent of swing jazz in the 1930s has an American music exploded across the world with such overwhelming force.” (paragraph seven). McBride is saying that for once since jazz was
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James Franci1 - James Francis 1 James Francis Rws 100...

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