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Francis 1 James Francis RWS100 Diana Ferrell December 14, 2009 An Essay Concerning the Understanding of Modern Media The Daily Show , is an aptly titled comedic program on the conveniently named Comedy Central TV channel. In the article “ The Daily Show : Discursive Integration and the Reinvention of Political Journalism,” by Geoffrey Baym, he explains why, even when this show is at its silliest, it is still important to the way we learn about the worlds news. Geoffrey Baym is an associate professor at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in the department of media studies. Geoffrey Baym has worked many times as a journalist, news writer, and reporter. This article was intended to demonstrate the validity of The Daily Show to the general public. In order to better explain Baym’s ideas and examples I will be examining The Colbert Report , probably the most popular spinoff of The Daily Show , with the same lens that Geoffrey Baym used in his article. I will be showing how The Colbert Report uses satire to interrogate power, uses parody to critique the news, and how the title of “fake news” applies to this show just as it applies to The Daily Show . For sake of comfort and ease, I will only use one episode of The Colbert Report and the episode I will be using aired on November 11 th , 2009 and featured stories about Michelle Obama and Sesame Street. One of the central ideas presented in Baym’s article is the idea of using satire to interrogate power. To understand exactly what Baym is trying to say we have to first understand what the individual words in the phrase mean. We’ll start with satire, satire means using irony, sarcasm, and wit to expose a vice or folly. So to use satire to interrogate power simply means to
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Francis 2 use comedy and humor to point out the wrong things in sources of power such as the government or big business. Baym uses The Daily Show to convey this idea to his readers. In his article Baym points out an instance when this concept was used in an episode of The Daily Show . In this scene Jon Stewart is mocking then President George W. Bush: Bush : George Tenet is uh ... is ... a . . . Stewart : Um, a convenient fall guy ... um ... liability to our intelligence operation. Bush : the kind of public service, uh, servant, you like to work with.
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