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James Francis - logical style which then seems boring and...

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James Francis Rws100 Diana Ferrell 09-02-09 Who am I? This is a question that many people ask themselves. However, not many people really know the answer. I am not special or unique in this sense; I am much like many other people. I still do not know the answer. Who am I as a writer? Well, I would say that I am more advanced than most people my age but, I’m no miracle writer. I have struggles just like everyone else. In my opinion my biggest struggle in writing is by far MLA format especially the citing of information. English is my first language and the only language I know. I have received all of my education in the United States, although I have always wanted to study abroad. I have always believed that the key to good writing, especially when writing in a coercive style, is the perfect mixture of emotion and logic. When some people write they write solely in a
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Unformatted text preview: logical style, which then seems boring and uneventful to the reader. Or, they write in a purely emotional style, which then seems illogical to the reader. I believe that if you can relate to someone’s emotional feelings but then back your statements up with logic you will, in my opinion, be a much better writer. My strengths as a writer are definitely in the creative parts of writing. Like the introduction and the conclusion. I consider those two paragraphs in any essay or paper I have ever written to be better than any other part of those papers. My weakness would definitely be the body paragraphs, as I stated before I am not good with citations. Citations have been my downfall in high school on more than one occasion. In this class I believe that the expectations will be high, I believe that you will work with us to make us better writers all around....
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