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Francis1 James Francis Rws 100 Ms. Ferrell November 16, 2009 Moore Health Michael Moore’s movie Sicko is a documentary made about the American healthcare program. Michael Moore decided to create this movie when he felt that there was something wrong with our healthcare system. Prior to releasing this movie Michael Moore had directed numerous documentaries. Including Bowling For Columbine , Roger and Me , and the highest grossing documentary film ever Fahrenheit 9/11 . In his newest movie Sicko Moore is trying to persuade people to agree with his idea of a healthcare system. As Moore states in the very beginning of the film, the films intended audience is the people who are already have insurance in the healthcare system as it is. In this essay I will be critiquing Michael Moore’s arguments and I will be determining how he uses rhetorical appeals in his film. The rhetorical appeals that I will be looking at are ethos, or credibility and trust, pathos, or emotions and sympathy, and logos, or logic and facts. I will be pointing out how Moore uses these in his film, and why he uses them in this film. The first claim that I will critique is Michael Moore’s claim about the British healthcare system. Michael Moore claims that the British healthcare system is better than the healthcare system that we have in place here in the United States. When proving this claim, Michael Moore uses all three appeals. In order to prove his point Moore makes great use of the rhetorical appeal of logos. Moore draws us into his claim by telling us that people in Britain are, in general, healthier than we are. He use this appeal in order to give the people watching his movie
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Francis2 something to “sink their teeth” into. This appeal is extremely effective in this setting because, who wouldn’t want to live longer and be healthier? However, this one appeal would most likely not be enough to fully convince us all therefore he also uses an appeal to pathos. Moore uses an appeal to Pathos because he has to get his audience emotionally involved, if his movie was strictly facts and figures then nobody would really want to watch it. In order to appropriately
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moore intro - Francis1 James Francis Rws 100 Ms. Ferrell...

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