Socrates and Confucius

Socrates and Confucius - Think of a creative Title! The...

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Think of a creative Title! The word “History” has its roots in the Greek word “Historia” which simply means “inquiry or investigation.” Therefore, historians naturally investigate everything to obtain knowledge about the past and perhaps the greatest source of this knowledge is ancient texts. Texts like Plato’s The Apology of Socrates and Confucius’ Analects are great sources of knowledge and insight into the Axial age as well as into the lives of two of its foremost thinkers. The Apology of Socrates is an account of Socrates’ defense speech during his trial of 399 BCE in Athens, Greece as written by his student Plato. The Analects is a book containing the words and wisdom of the Chinese philosopher Confucius who lived between the years of 551 BCE and 479 BCE. As stated before, both of these writings are great windows in which to peer into the teachings of two philosophers. At first glance these two writings appear to be very similar but there are a few differences between them. One fundamental difference is how each text was recorded. For example, The Apology was written in the first person which can be seen in quotes like “ I
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Socrates and Confucius - Think of a creative Title! The...

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