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RQ: Based on evidence available to you, what were the two most important effects of the coming of railroads on everyday life and ideas in late 19th century New Mexico and southern Colorado? Why? The two most important effects of railroads spreading west were the business/trade opportunities of Anglos moving west and the business/trade barriers of the Mexicans and Indians already in the west. 1) An example of Anglos having more opportunities for business and trade can be seen in this weeks lecture slide #27 in which it shows a picture of miners in Leadville Colorado and discusses the role of “boom towns” in the west. This slide shows that the west, which was opened up by railroads, has significant opportunities for business in fields like mining and agriculture. 2) Sarah Deutsch states in her book No Separate Refuge “For Hispanics, barriers to trade rose on all sides. Licenses were required to trade with the Indians, and agents were inclined to favor Anglos over Indians.” This quote shows that while Anglos were having an
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Unformatted text preview: increase in trade with the Indians because they were favored, the Mexicans who had been there and were still moving there could not trade as effectively as their Anglo counterparts. 3) Sarah Deutsch in her book No Separate Refuge talks about the threat on Spanish American shepherding imposed by encroaching Anglos from the west when she states that “The Spanish Americans lacked the Anglos better breeds as well as their ample financial backing.” This quote, as well as the other quotes in this paragraph, demonstrates how an encroaching people can limit business opportunities for one group of people while simultaneously increasing other groups’ opportunities. 1) Professor Wiese, The Transformation of the West, PowerPoint presentation given in class Feb. 13 th 2012. Slide 27 2) Sarah Deutsch, No Separate Refuge, Excerpt on Blackboard, page 19 3) Ibid., pg. 21...
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