10260_F09_projects - Math 10260 Projects – Fall 2009 The...

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Unformatted text preview: Math 10260 Projects – Fall 2009 The goal of these projects is to give you the opportunity to make your own connections between mathemat- ics and modern society by considering a wide variety of problems ranging from economic and environmental issues to social and political situations that can be modeled and solved by mathematical means. They will help you establish connections between Math 10260 and your other courses, and they will allow you to make contributions in areas of your interest and expertise. In addition, they will provide you with an opportunity to interact and collaborate with your classmates. The topic can be chosen from: a. Chapters 5–11 Projects in the book . b. The projects described below under “Other Project Topics”. c. Other courses you are able to establish a connection with math 10260. d. Anything that you find interesting and is approved by your teacher. The rules are: I. You can work in groups of size 1-4 students (from any section of Math 10260). II. Each group submits one (typed) paper (and e-copy if possible). III. Each member of the group receives the same score–a number between 0 and 10, in which will count toward your 20 participation points. IV. Final version due by December 7 . If you choose option d above, a first draft for approval is due by November 9 . You must include: Project title , the names of your team members and the class section each member belongs to. Other Project Topics (1) The Social Security. Some experts project that the Social Security shortfall over the next 75 years will be about four trillion dollars. Is that true? How do they know? Make your contribution in the national debate about saving Social Security using ideas and techniques you learned in Math 10260 (for example, income streams). (2) The Deficit. Visit the Webpage of the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) at http://www.cbo.gov/ and try to make sense of the numbers you will find in “Current Budget Projections.” Note that income streams are useful in making projections. (3) Sub-prime Loans. What are sub-prime loans and what they have to do with the current housing and banking crisis? (4) Ponzi Scheme. Currently the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is investigating an alleged $50 billion fraud, a Ponzi scheme, perpetrated by Bernard Madoff and the asset management company that he ran. Explain what is a Ponzi scheme and why in the Madoff’s case it went unnoticed by the SEC for so long that it became so massive. (5) Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: To drill or not to drill? A question for public debate these days is whether the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) contains enough oil to make its extraction worth both the economic cost and the environmental risk. Make your contribution by doing the numbers....
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10260_F09_projects - Math 10260 Projects – Fall 2009 The...

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