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aristotle paper - pursue that good and to engage in actions...

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Christian Stork PH 10 Professor Drake November 17, 2007 According to Aristotle, what is the human function? Why does the human function make us particularly suited to virtuous action, and in particular to achieving the mean in action? What does it mean to hit the mean, according to Aristotle? As well, what does it mean to be a “standard and measure” (Book III, Ch 4) for Aristotle? Throughout Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics , one central idea continues to emerge as the principal argument of Aristotle’s teachings: the human function. Aristotle refines Plato’s preliminary tutelage by further examining what it means to seek the good in this world and to find out exactly what that good is. For Aristotle, the human function is to
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Unformatted text preview: pursue that good, and to engage in actions and lesser goods that will lead towards the apex of human thought, the Good. The Good described is neither tangible nor finite, but instead serves as a nirvana of sorts; a level of consciousness that not only surmises all of our actions throughout our lives, but after achieving it remains the highest possible level of thought desired. Those who have achieved this Good will not seek anything else in their life because they will have fulfilled all that needs to be consummated. That path through which to achieve this good lies both in executing virtuous actions and in finding the mean of action....
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