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Chemistry 1A Laboratory Tech-1 BASIC LABORATORY TECHNIQUES OBJECTIVES The student will be able to: 1. use the proper laboratory techniques to do the following; a. pour liquids from a glass-stoppered bottle. b. transfer solids from a bottle. c. heat liquids in a beaker. d. heat liquids in a test tube. e. light and adjust a Bunsen burner. f. measure to 0.1 cm with a metric ruler. g. use a graduated cylinder to measure volume. h. use an analytical balance to measure mass. 2. report measurements to reflect the precision of the measuring instruments. BACKGROUND Your instructor will explain and demonstrate the following techniques: a. pouring liquids from a glass-stoppered bottle, b. transferring solids from a bottle, c. heating liquids in a beaker, d. heating liquids in a test tube, e. lighting and adjusting the Bunsen burner, f. reporting a length measurement to reflect the precision of a metric ruler, g. reporting a temperature measurement to reflect the precision of a thermometer, h. measuring liquid volume with a graduated cylinder and reporting your
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Basic_Laboratory_Techniques - Chemistry 1A Laboratory...

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