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A PPENDIX A M EASUREMENT AND U NITS Table A.1 Common Units and Their Abbreviations Note that the abbreviation for inch (in.) is the only abbreviation that ends in a period. Type of measurement Unit Abbreviation English mass ton ton pound lb ounce oz English length mile mi or mile yard yd foot ft inch in. English volume gallon gal quart qt pint pt fluid ounce fl oz cubic foot cu ft cubic inch cu in. Time year yr or year day d or day hour h or hr minute min second s or sec Temperature degree Celsius ° C degree Fahrenheit ° F kelvin K Energy joule J calorie cal dietary calorie Cal Table A.2 English-English Conversion Factors Type of Measurement Conversion Factors Length 23!JO/ 4!GU 6391!GU 2!GU 2!ZE 2!NJ Mass 27!P[ 3111!MC 2!MC 2!UPO Volume 5!RU 43!n!P[ 3!QU 2!HBM 2!RU 2!RU A-±
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A-² Appendix A Table A.3 The Relationship Between English and Metric Length Units Both four and eight digits are given for each relationship. Four digits will be used for nearly all of the English-metric conversions done in this text.
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