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Unformatted text preview: Chemistry 10 Everyday Chemistry Instructor: Mark Bishop Who’s it for? • Non-science majors • Those who learn well on their own. Sources of Information • Text – main focus for exam • Videos – interest, applications, chemical demonstrations • Saturday Question Sessions • Web Site – PowerPoint slides, Glossaries, Tutorials, and other links. • Saturday Lab Experiments Minimum Steps • • • Read chapter quickly…low anxiety reading. Attend class where lecture clarifies information and labs are done. Learn Glossary terms…will be on exam. Practice by doing online glossary quizzes. Minimum Steps (continued) • Work end-of-chapter problems…the same problems will be on exam. The answers to selected problems are in the Student Study Guide. The unanswered problems are similar to the answered ones. • View videotapes whenever you can and turn in a simple summary of each. The summary can just be the notes you take as you watch the tapes. It doesn’t need to be neat. • If you have time, work WebCT quizzes for each chapter. You get 2/2 points for each quiz completed with greater than 70%. How to Find Me Office PS 208-D Office Phone 646-4156 Email [email protected] Web Site Books and Equipment • Books – An Introduction to Chemistry by Mark Bishop – Study Guide and Selected Solutions for An Introduction to Chemistry by Mark Bishop – Chemistry 10 Laboratory Manual • Equipment – Safety Goggles Grading A B C D F 90-100% 75-90% 60-75% 50-60% < 50% credit/no credit available ...
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