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Guide-MT2(1) - Chromatography Electrophoresis...

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Unformatted text preview: Chromatography Electrophoresis Centrifugation Mass Spectroscopy Peptide Sequencing Peptide Synthesis X—ray Crystallography Electron Microscopy NMR HW - 2 uestions h.“- r —Pro in T- hni- - —— o 7 g - ion GUIde MTZ " 26 questions MTZ --2° 9 ‘ ion h-Ap r 4— N Ii h-Ap r —N Ii HW 4 — 2 auestions Ai- Ai- 15 multiple choice questions 4 homework questions 2 points each 30% total 5 points each 20% total 5 points each 10 open ended questions T hni o-r7 50% total Nucleotides DNA Experiments on DNA RNA REplication Transcription Genetic Code Splicing Recombinat ‘ ion‘ ion Restriction Endonucleases Enzymes used in Molecular Biology Blotting Techniques DNA Sequencing DNA Synthesis PCR Cloning Microarrays ...
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