psych exam 3 - Personality - Differentiates from others and...

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Personality - Differentiates from others and allows us to act consistently across situations Psychodynamic – Freud – unconscious motives (sex and aggression). First five years of life are most important. o Conscious mind – contains what currently has your attention o Preconscious – things that aren’t currently conscious but can be retrieved o Unconscious – memories and urges that are beyond awareness Structure of Personality o Id – obeys pleasure principle o Ego – act with reason to conform to world o Superego – morals, idealistic principle Defense Mechanisms – unconscious, distort reality, are adaptive o Denial – refuse to accept feeling is there or event occurred o Projection – attribute your own unfavorable characteristics to another person o Reaction formation – taking opposite side to hide true feelings o Sublimation – redirecting anxiety into a different, more socially acceptable medium (working out to relieve anxiety). Most mature method of defense Psychosexual development – adult conflicts come from problems in psychosexual stages of development o 1 st Year Oral Stage – pleasure comes from putting things in mouth problems – over eating, smoking, nail-biting o 2 nd Year Anal Stage – pleasure comes from retaining and passing excessive neatness or messiness o Age 3-5 Phallic Stage – pleasure comes from self stimulation of genitals. Castration anxiety (boys) and Penis envy ( girls) Fixation at this stage can cause sexual problems, suppressed sexual feelings o Age 6- Puberty – Latency period – libido is channeled on mastering tasks, sexual feelings put aside o Puberty to adulthood – Genital stage – mature sexual relationships with opposite sex, intimacy with others Dream Interpretation – express unconscious mind o Manifest content – what you remember o Latent content – what it means Projective personality tests – ask people to interpret ambiguous stimuli. (Rorscharch inkblots) – unproven reliability and validity Thematic apperception test – person asked to tell a story about the “hero” in the picture Psychodynamic Theory – not widely accepted, but very influential o Contributions – research into unconscious mind, child influences adult behavior
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o Criticisms – biased against women, has to do with disturbed individual case studies, lack of scientific evidence, too general Trait Approach to Personality – studies individual differences in
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psych exam 3 - Personality - Differentiates from others and...

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