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PHYS 15200 Mechanics IUPUI Physics Department Lab02: Projectile Motion Page 1 of 3 Lab 02: Projectile Motion OBJECTIVE In this experiment you will be measuring the range of a projectile and comparing your results with your calculations from the projectile’s equations of motion. This experiment is adapted from Vernier Physics with Computers experiments using Logger Pro . EQUIPMENT computer plumb bob Vernier computer interface ramp Logger Pro two ring stands two Vernier Photogates two right-angle clamps ball (1 to 5 cm diameter) meter stick or metric measuring tape masking tape target Figure 1 PROCEDURE 1. Set up the ramp on a table so that a ball can roll it, across a short section of table, and off the table edge as shown in Figure 1. 2. Position the Photogates so the ball rolls through each of the Photogates while rolling on the horizontal table surface (but not on the ramp). Approximately center the detection line of each Photogate on the middle of the ball. Connect Photogate 1 to DIG/SONIC 1 of the interface and Photogate 2 to the corresponding second port. To prevent accidental movement of the Photogates, use tape to secure the ring stands in place. 3. Mark a starting position on the ramp so that you can repeatedly roll the ball from the same
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lab02proc - PHYS 15200 Mechanics IUPUI Physics Department...

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