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PHYS 15200 Mechanics IUPUI Physics Department Lab09: Fluids Page 1 of 1 Lab 09: Fluids OBJECTIVE In this experiment you will be measuring the density of water and that of a solid using Archimedes’ Principle. This experiment is adapted from Vernier Physics with Computers experiments using Logger Pro . EQUIPMENT computer irregularly-shaped solid object Vernier computer interface Logger Pro Vernier Force Plate sensor plastic beaker electronic balance string large graduated cylinder rubber bands PROCEDURE PART I – DETERMINING THE DENSITY OF WATER 1. Use the scale to measure the mass of the graduated cylinder. Record its mass (in grams) on your data sheet. 2. Fill the cylinder with 100 mL of water and measure the total mass. Repeat for 200, 300, 400, and 500 mL of water. Subtract the mass of the graduated cylinder from each value and record your results on your data sheet. PART II – DETERMINING THE DENSITY OF THE SOLID 1. Connect the Force Plate sensor to the LabPro interface (CH 1) and then open Logger
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