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IUPUI PHYS 15200 Page 1 of 1 Pre-Lab07: TORQUE Name Due at the beginning of the lab period A massless string is wrapped around a vertical shaft of radius r . The string passes over a massless pulley and its free end is attached to a hanging mass m . The shaft is free to rotate without friction. The total moment of inertia of the shaft and its components is I . When the system is released, the string unwinds causing both the shaft and the hanging mass to accelerate at the same constant rate.
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Draw a free-body diagram for the shaft and the hanging mass. 2. Derive an expression for the net force acting on the hanging mass using Newton’s 2 nd law. 3. Derive an expression for the net torque acting on the vertical shaft using Newton’s 2 nd law for rotations. 4. Combine your two expressions from Problems 2 and 3 to show that the net torque may be written as rm ( g – a ), where a is the linear acceleration of the hanging mass. vertical shaft I m...
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