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IUPUI PHYS 15200 Page 1 of 1 Pre-Lab09: FLUIDS Name Due at the beginning of the lab period Consider a beaker filled partially with water sitting on a scale. The scale reads w b , the total weight of the beaker and its water in air (Figure 1a). An object of mass m and volume V attached to a massless string is then lowered into the water until it is fully submerged (Figure 1b). The scale now reads
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Unformatted text preview: w b * > w b . Figure 1a Figure 1b 1. Show that the buoyant force B acting on the object is given by B = w b * − w b . 2. Show that the volume V of the object is given by V = w b * − w b g ρ water , where water is the density of the water and g is the acceleration of gravity. 3. Show that the density of the object is given by = mg w b * − w b water . w b w b *...
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