CHEM-5151_S05_Org_C - Introduction Fundamentals Problems...

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1 Atmospheric Chemistry CHEM-5151 / ATOC-5151 Spring 2005 Prof. Jose-Luis Jimenez Atm.Chem.: Course Organization Course Organization I • Introductions / Sign-up sheet • Lost syllabus in computer crash – Should have it on Thu • My first time teaching this course, developing it as we go, have not settled on everything yet • Structure – Lectures (myself + a few invited lecturers) – Homeworks every 2 weeks (graded, TA Jessica Gilman) – Presentations of journal papers in class – Maybe final project
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2 Course Organization II • Very broad subject
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Unformatted text preview: Introduction Fundamentals Problems (e.g. ozone depletion) Background in many areas is needed: you are responsible for catching up on areas in which you are weak Required textbook: Finlayson-Pitts & Pitts, 1999 Extremely highly recommended optional additional textbook: Seinfeld & Pandis, 1998 Get it if you are starting a PhD in atmos. chemistry! A copy in reserve at Norlin, some @ bookstore Can get cheaper 2 nd hand in and others Taking notes, asking questions, being resourceful Questions?...
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CHEM-5151_S05_Org_C - Introduction Fundamentals Problems...

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