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Typical Case Format for CMA1/CMA2 Case Studies The typical format for a Case Study in CMA1 and CMA2 consists of a long memo 4 to 8 pages including schedules, that is generally prepared by an Accounting Analysis Group within the controller’s office, or by an external group of accounting consultants, either for the controller or for the top management team. Given the email age in which business now operates, no formal covering letter is required. This memo would likely be sent as an attachment to an email message. While the details and approach to every case are different, the basic case format is as follows: 1. An introduction which describes the major problem or challenges facing the business which you are being asked to help solve. It also generally includes a review of the specific issues you were asked to deal with and an overview of how you plan to proceed. This last aspect is to refresh the memory of the person who assigned the project to you and usually includes a brief list of the contents of your
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