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Case_study_11_Nanotech Inc - ACCT2160 - CMA1 - Case Study,...

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ACCT2160 - CMA1 - Case Study, April 2011 Nanotech Inc. manufactures and distributes standardized process control switches for manufacturing firms. The company uses standard costing for its manufacturing costs. Below are the budget and actual figures for the year just ended (December 31, 2010). Your team of staff accountants has recently joined the company after a number of positions became vacant in the controller’s office. The chief financial officer, Leslie Schnurr, has complained that she never feels like she has a good sense of why the company did not meet its operating income targets whenever she reviews the variances on company’s performance report income statement. The controller, Martin Levy, has asked your team (called the Accounting Analysis Group) to review the matter and explore whether there is a better way to present the report that would make it more insightful. He wants you to include a discussion of any deficiencies with the present format and an indicate how any proposed format would improve the situation. Also, he wants you to explain what specific additional information the company might obtain from a changed format in terms of a more detailed explanation as to why Nanotech did not meet its budget targets. In addition, he wants you to prepare the usual
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Case_study_11_Nanotech Inc - ACCT2160 - CMA1 - Case Study,...

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