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CMA1 - CASE STUDY Nanctech Inc - Due April 15, 2011 Marking Key Names of Case Team Members: Part A - Content (28 Marks) 1. Introduction Max Actual 2 1 2 Analysis Brief summary of the specific problem with the current perfomance report format 2 Introduce format proposal that will fix these deficiencies----explain how and why 1 Preparation of proposed performance report 5 3 3 Diagrams showing detailed standard cost cost variances for all manufacturing costs 4 3 Analysis of minimum acceptable selling price on proposed special order 2 3 Recommendation and Conclusion 2 Total Marks for Content 28 Part B - Case Structure (12 marks) proper memo format? 1 proper case format followed? 1 written discussion is clear, easy to follow, and easy to understand 2 spelling is correct? 1.5 grammar is correct? 1.5 written commentary is tied to specific numbers in specific schedules when appropriate? 2 3 Total Marks for Structure 12 Total Mark 40 Do you have a proper introduction that inlcudes a review of the problem(s) you have been asked to solve (in the context of your work situation)
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Unformatted text preview: Have you included a listing of all the schedules or discussion that are included in your memo order to come up with a solution? Key: satisfactory = so-so = ~ not satisfactory = X Discuss of what specific info the new report format will provide that will explain why budgeted figures were not met. Detailed reconciliation showing why budgeted figures were not obtained (detailed explanation of static budget variance) Summary showing how totals of var. mfg. variances tie into the flexible budget variances on the proposed performance report format and how the fixed MO budget variace ties into the proposed Performance Report (use shading of linked cells) Is there an recommendation and an appropirate concluding statement that properly reflects the context of the memo and your work situation? overall impression is that an appropriate level of thought and effort was put into this assignment...
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