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Guidelines for Excel Assignments for CMA1 Labs Supervised by Richard Farrar - 2012 Assignments will be accepted up until 4:30 p.m. on the Friday due date. Assignments received after that time will be assessed a penalty of 20% per day unless specific prior arrangements have been made. Assignments may be handed in early and I encourage you to hand them in as soon as you have completed them! While students are permitted to consult with other students, copied or "duplicate" assignments in whole or in part even with “cosmetic changes” are unacceptable and will receive a mark of zero and may result in all of the students involved receiving an "F" on the course. Guidelines re Preparation and Presentation: The following guidelines will be in effect for this course: (a) Assignments should be prepared with the view that the spreadsheet file will be reused many times and that the input data is therefore subject to change . (b) A header with your name(s) and section number, and assignment #, at the top of all pages . (c) A documentation section indicating the preparation (completion) date, a description of the purpose of the template. (d) An Input Section with specific instructions relating to the input. This section should be identified with a separate heading named Input Section . It should contain any and all data and parameters subject to change . It may be included on the same sheet as the Documentation Section but should be separated from the Documentation section with a dark horizontal line . Headings, formulas and cell references that appear in the output schedules should be referenced back to the input section or to other parts of the output section(s
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Labguidelines11 - Guidelines for Excel Assignments for CMA1...

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