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CMA2 - SPREADSHEET ASSIGNMT #1 Marking Key NAME: GENERAL Purpose of template complete? General Instructions to user complete? Personal header on every page? INPUT Heading for input section? Input cells clearly evident with use of grid? Non-input cells distinguished from input cells? All input items included? Cell contents for input included? 2000 cost data properly included? OUTPUT REPORTS Proper format for variable costing stmt? Schedules are horizontally centred? Proper format for absorption costing Year headings and statement title proper? Proper subtotals, subtotal lines, $ signs? MACROS Move macro executes properly? DEMO Input data for 2005 balances and reconciles Print previews execute properly? Dates update properly after move macro?
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Unformatted text preview: OTHER Spelling mistakes? e.g. enter all amounts in $ without $ signs or commas unless otherwise stated; enter % amounts as a decimal e.g. 10% = .10 Instructions relating specifically to input are on input sheet and are proper and complete? Only most current year/date is used for input? Input date description, fomat and cell location are clear? Variable costing: Amounts are correct? Includes detailed COGS section? Absorption costing: Amounts are correct? Includes detailed COGS section? Vol. var.? Reconciliation is correct and complete? Proper format and wording? Amounts are properly referenced? Formulas are proper? Macros are all included (3 print preview, 1 move and enter new data)?...
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