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MKy_A2_07_website - there is a report date input cell and...

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CMA1 - ASSIGNMENT #2 - MARK KEY Student Name: Mark: Documentation Sheet Purpose is stated and complete? "created by…." is indicated? preparation date is indicated? Company name on sheet? Input Sheet instructions to user are adequate & clear? unit type is clear ($ vs. qty) redundant items are not included as input items % complete cells are clear for -beginnning inventory (n/a for wtd avg) -ending inventory Production report, JE's, and T-account wtavg fifo report date states "for the month of…." reports have proper format reports have proper title report has correct figures? reports are properly centred subtotals and subtotal lines are correct $ signs complete and consistent consistent formatting of numbers Spelling is correct? Header at top of all pages with stud. Name, section, and ass.# -user told to enter $ amounts without $ signs or commas; format for entering %'s indicated?
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Unformatted text preview: there is a report date input cell and the date format is indicated input cells are clearly indicated; non-input cells are different from input cells. descriptions are clear for input items and all input items have been included? underlines are consistent and don't vary in length; use of spacer columns to break subtotal lines between columns JE's are complete, correct, properly referenced and formatted with dates included?. T-account is complete, correct, properly refernc'd and formatted inlcuding account name and dates. all data is properly referenced from input or other output cells Proper heading on JE/T-account sheet including Co. name, title, and report date Print Preview macro buttons are properly positioned and labelled? coding appears proper?...
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