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COST AND MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING 1 Creating Macros and Macro Buttons - Office 2007 A macro is a procedure that stores a list of statements that perform specific procedures. Recording a Procedure with a Macro Recorder Choose Developer->Record Macro Enter the name you wish to assign to the macro in the Macro Name box; enter a brief description in the description box; click OK; you are now in the recording phase; all the steps you enter will be included in the macro; when the procedure steps are complete, Choose Developer Stop Recording Running a Macro Before running a macro, always save a backup of the file in case the macro destroys vital information on your folder. Go to a new sheet before running the macro (or to a sheet that does not contain data in the cells that the macro will fill when it is run.) To run a macro, choose Developer->Macro->select the appropriate macro name from the choices in the dialog box->click the Run button Attaching a Button to a Macro To attach a button to a macro procedure, choose Developer-->Insert- ->select the button choice (square with smaller square inside----first button in upper left corner of available choices). Using the right mouse button, drag the cursor to the desired location, size by expanding the pointer
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note re macros_word2007 - COST AND MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING 1...

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