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APPLIED MANAGERIAL ACCOUNTING - ACCT2460 UNIT 4: INCREMENTAL ANALYSIS (RELEVANT COSTING) TEXTBOOK REFERENCE : Weygandt/Keiso Chapter 7 Learning Outcomes 4.1 Identify the steps in management’s decision-making process. 4.2 Describe the characteristics of a relevant cost and distinguish from a sunk cost or an irrelevant cost see Suppl. problems p. 4 #21 4.3 Apply the concept of relevant cost using incremental analysis (including both quantitative and qualitative aspects) in the following types of special decisions: Accept /reject an order at a special price E7-12, E7-13, E7-25 Make vs. buy a component or part E7-14, E7-15,
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Unformatted text preview: Sell a product as is or process further E7-17, E7-18 Keep vs. replace a piece of equipment E7-19, E7-20 Keep v. eliminate a business segment E7-21, E7-26 4.4 Determine the most appropriate sales mix when a company has limited resources. E7-23, E7-24 4.5 Describe the concept of opportunity cost and how it is built into to incremental analysis for some of the special decisions listed in 4.3 Demonstration/Assignment exercises and problems: BE7-3 TO BE7-10; See exercises and problems listed under specific learning outcomes....
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