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APPLIED MANAGERIAL ACCOUNTING - ACCT2460 UNIT 5: BUDGETARY PLANNING TEXTBOOK REFERENCE : Weygandt/Keiso Chapter 10 Learning Outcomes 5.1 List the benefits of budgeting 5.2 State the essential features of effective budgets. 5.3 List the budgets making up a Master Budget for a manufacturing business 6.4 Prepare the following budget schedules: Sales Budget E10-12, E10-13 P10-29A, P10-30A Production Budget E10-14, E10-16, E10-20, P1029A, P10-30A Direct Materials Purchases Budget E10-15, E10-16, E10-20, P10-30A Direct Labour Budget E10-17, P10-30A
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Unformatted text preview: Manufacturing Overhead Budget E10-18 Selling and Admin. Exp. Budget E10-19 Schedules of Cash Collections and/or Payments E10-24, E10-25 Cash Budget (& related schedules) E10-22, E10-23, E10-26, P10-34A, P10-39A Budgeted Income Statement E10-21, P10-28A Budgeted Balance Sheet 5.5 Prepare a Merchandise Purchases Budget for a merchandising business E10-27, 5.6 Indicate how budgeting differs in service enterprises or not for profit enterprises. . Demonstration/Assignment exercises and problems: BE10-2 TO BE10-10....
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