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COST AND MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING 2 UNIT 3 - Chapter 2, Appendix 2A, pp. 54-61: Cost of Quality LEARNING OUTCOMES : 1. Define the following terms: Quality of conformance, Quality cost, prevention costs, Quality circles, Statistical process control, Appraisal costs, Internal failure costs, External failure costs. 2. Explain how the four types of quality costs interact (see section headed,
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Unformatted text preview: Distribution of Quality Costs, pp. 56-57) 3. Prepare and Interpret a Quality Cost report. 4. Explain how quality cost information is used by managers and be able to interpret the information in a quality cost report. 5. Explain what is implied by international quality standards such as ISO 9000. Demonstration and Assignment Material: E2-9, P2-14, P2-23 RF 06/04...
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