301sylf9 - Fall 2009 SACRAMENTO CITY COLLEGE Business...

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1 Fall 2009 301sylf9.doc SACRAMENTO CITY COLLEGE Business Division ACCOUNTING 301 - Financial Accounting TTh 9:00-11:40 am in B203 (25482) TTh 1:00-3:40 pm in B203 (28130) INSTRUCTOR: Gregory M. Burbage, MBA, CPA, CMA, CFM OFFICE: B110 OFFICE HOURS: TTh 11:40 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. TELEPHONE: SCC Office: 916-650-2930 Å remember the instructor is here on Tuesday and Thursday only E-MAIL: burbagg@scc.losrios.edu Å best way to contact instructor is via email WEB PAGE: http://wserver.scc.losrios.edu/~burbagg Business Division Office: B213 Telephone: 916-558-2581 Dean: Ms. Shirley Short Administrative Assistant: Ms. Sarah Wright PREREQUISITES: There are no official prerequisites for this course but this class will require the use and understanding of Standard English, basic mathematics, basic computer familiarization and being able to type. As a result the following courses or equivalencies are suggested by the instructor prior to enrolling in this course: All students: BUS 300 - Introduction to Business, BUS 106 - Business Mathematics, and CISC 300 – Computer Familiarization. : ACCT 101 - Fundamentals of Accounting and Record Keeping should be taken before this class. COURSE OBJECTIVES: Your major goals are to (1) become aware of what financial accounting is and is not, (2) learn how to use financial accounting data in decision making situations, and (3) learn how to record basic financial accounting information. A secondary set of goals are to (1) improve critical thinking skills, (2) learn how to work with other people, and (3) improve communication skills. CLASS STRUCTURE and POLICIES I hope to instill some excitement for participating in the achievement of our goals. To achieve our goals and stress the importance of commitments the following will occur: (1) Students are expected to be in class everyday and class will begin on time. Arriving late disrupts and distracts everyone; please arrive and be ready before class begins. Coming late or leaving early will be counted as an absence. (2) Bring your textbook, supplies and the current chapter’s homework assignment to class each day. (3) There won’t be any make-up quizzes given and no extensions will be given for the online homework. (4) A make-up exam is not normally allowed unless arrangements were made prior to missing it. In order to qualify for a makeup exam a student must: have a serious and compelling reason for missing the exam, provide official documentation of the reason (e.g., letter from a doctor, employer, etc.), notify the instructor prior to the exam date, and receive approval from the instructor. Otherwise a missed exam will receive a grade of zero (-0-) points. ATTENDANCE and CONDUCT:
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301sylf9 - Fall 2009 SACRAMENTO CITY COLLEGE Business...

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