lec12 - Biochemistry I Fall Term 2004 Lecture 12 Ligand...

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1 Biochemistry I Fall Term, 2004 September 29, 2004 Lecture 12: Ligand Binding Measurements Assigned reading in Campbell: none. Background reading: " Ligand Binding " by Dr. Gordon Rule. This more extensive treatment is available as an eight-page PDF image. Key Terms: Association constant Equilibrium dialysis Dissociation constant Links : ( I ) Review Quiz on Lecture 12 concepts ( S ) Graphing Quiz : Ligand Binding Scatchard Plots: Determine stoichiometry (n) and K d . Ligand Binding Measurements of the binding affinity and binding stoichiometry between molecules and macromolecules provide essential information on topics that range from mechanism to specificity. For example, ligands are nearly always competing with other ligands for a specific site, especially in vivo . In addition, binding events are frequently coupled to conformational changes, catalysis, and cell-cell interactions. A. Basic treatment of simple binding data This section repeats the derivation of the Scatchard equation found in the Ligand Binding handout. The origin of this equation in the equilibrium equations and the definitions that allow a few algebraic manipulations will be covered in lecture as follows:
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lec12 - Biochemistry I Fall Term 2004 Lecture 12 Ligand...

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