lec25 - Biochemistry I Fall Term, 2004 November 3, 2004...

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November 3, 2004 Lecture 25: Membrane Transport Lecture 25 (PDF) This document is available as a PDF image. Assigned reading in Campbell: Chapter 7.6 Key Terms: Uniport Symport Antiport Gated pore mechanism Glucose permease Lactose permease Na + -K + pump Review Quiz on Lecture 25 concepts. Example Problems Four membrane transport problems worked in class, 11.5.04 (PDF) Lactose Permease : Flash animation of the mechanism. Na + -K + Pump : Part of the Flash animation on membranes. Lactose Permease : Structure of the inward-facing conformation. Chime page (92K). Membrane channels were cited in the 2003 Nobel Prize for Chemistry. Potassium channel, e.g. KcsA: K + ions are transported rapidly; Na + ions are not. Aquaporins, e.g. Water channels: 11 related proteins in mammals. Science magazine Oct. 17, 2003 Description of the two Prize winners and their work. Classes of Integral Membrane Transporters 1. Uniport : a single molecule (or ion) is transported (in or out) Example: glucose permease of the red blood cell. (facilitated diffusion) Reaction scheme: 2. Symport : two different molecules (or ions) are transported in the same direction. Example: lactose permease of
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lec25 - Biochemistry I Fall Term, 2004 November 3, 2004...

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