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Compare and contrast one or more aspects ofRapper’s DelighttoThe Message. In 1979 The Sugarhill gang released “Rapper’s Delight” which is not the first rap song, however, it is a first commercially successful rap song. Moreover, this was the very moment hip hop(as we know it today) became an official musical genre. On the contrary, just a few years after(1982 to be precise) Grandmaster Flash and Furious Five release “The Message” which completely broaden and changed hip hop. Precisely, it was this song that hinted social significance rap would carry later on. At the end of the 1970s, All Platinum Records(Sylvia Robinson’s former record company) had filed for bankruptcy. It was this situation that led to the creation of “Rapper’s Delight”.Sylvia visited the night club(Harlem World) and was fascinated by Love Starski rapping over the break from Chic’s “Good Times”.On her1 request,Sylvia’s son Joey assembled three of his friends(none of them were experienced rappers) at her studio.Henry(Big Bank Hank) Jackson, Guy(Master Gee) O’Brien, and Michael(Wonder Mike) Wright wrote and perform the rap to instrumental of “Good Times”.The crew was named The SugarHill Gang after the
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